Painting has always been an art form that I have loved doing. As I became more involved with my clay work, however, painting went by the way-side for a while. My father, Karl Lehman, died in 2014. Not too long before he died, he suggested that I might like to try painting again. It was a few months after he passed that I was still having trouble getting back to my work. I was playing with some magazine pictures, placing them on my table in a collage formation. I became enthralled with the composition and could see it no other way than as a painting. That was the beginning of the newest painting period for me – Wary of the Cassowary. See in the composition the letters that are rising through the background – if sorted out they spell GENISIS – and so it begins. The following two were also created with a similar collage formation of images, whether from magazine images or a combination with my own photos, as well. From there I’ve broken out into another direction with my Giverny series. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next.


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