Ceramic Reliefs and Tile Works

Traveling – especially in Italy – I’ve been exposed and influenced by the historical works that grace the walls of the churches and even on corners in the streets. These pieces are religious icons. The very structures designed to frame the characters, angels, and saints inspire my designs of my very dimensional reliefs. These pieces are easily hung on a wall, as they have the necessary hanging system installed on their back side. As read in my artist statement, it’s included how much birds have been a part of me since I was young, and their spirits inhabit my work as well.

The tile works are also inspired by birds and anthropomorphic leanings can indicate inspiration from the human conditions. These are closer to being tile work as they are very low-relief surfaces. These, too, are easily hung on a wall, either as an individual tile or set, or they are mounted on a substrate surface that is ready to hang.

As most of my clay work entails – they are usually twice fired, the second time with an oxide-stain. From there they may be fired again with glazes on them, or I’ll have used Prisma-colored pencil for the surface color, added patinas, and any other additions that seem to speak to me. All share my own special stylized-realism.


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